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Wendy Heath-Newgass⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SuperStar Director


My Story

I discovered Scentsy 14 years ago. I brought home a mini warmer and some bars, and MY life has changed ever since. Wow, who knew an AMAZING SAFE PRODUCT could actually do that.

I am currently a SuperStar Director with a wonderful team. Our Team is caring, kind, inspiring and REALLY supportive. I love my team :)
This business is so much MORE than just Warmers and wax. It's about the friendships you make along the way!!!

With Scentsy, I've had the incredible opportunity to travel the world for free, (by working hard). Some of the amazing destinations I've earned trips to include Cancun, Mexico; Hawaii; Punta Cana (twice); Atlantis in the Bahamas; and even a luxurious Mediterranean Cruise, among others. As a top earner, I was able to fulfill my dream of visiting Monte Carlo last year, and now I'm thrilled to announce another dream trip to Bora Bora! It is truly unbelievable!

Starting August 1st, we can begin earning the next exciting incentive. If you're passionate about traveling, working from home, and being part of a supportive community, then Scentsy is the perfect place for you. Join us on this incredible journey!

Scentsy offers a diverse range of products, including warmers and wax, essential oils and diffusers, air purifiers that infuse delightful scents into any space, and fan systems perfect for busy areas. Our cleaning and laundry products are top-notch, while our kid-friendly buddies add an extra touch of fun. Plus, being the official scent provider for Walt Disney World means we have an exclusive partnership with Disney. With options catering to all tastes and needs, there's something for everyone with Scentsy!

We have the BEST products, and a wonderful company that stands behind them 100%.
If you have EVER thought about doing something like this, please don't hesitate to ask me.

I LOVE what I do :)

Wendy Heath-Newgass

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